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Use a style that appeals to potential customers personally, and avoid professional jargon and a dry corporate tone. Step 6. Monitor and improve your campaign Run tests and use email marketing analytics to understand when your subscribers leave. You can also send surveys to users at important points in the campaign to find out why someone is hesitant to buy or which product will be bought more often. See also: How to grow leads in a SaaS business? Mistake . No follow-up message For the most part, the likelihood of successfully converting a lead into a paying customer depends on the quality of your follow-up message.

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Here are a few techniques that you can use to create such a letter: Check and connect with all leads using your CRM system; Be responsive and answer all the questions of potential customers; According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that contact Iran Phone Number leads within an hour of receiving an inquiry are 7 times more likely to close a sale. So it’s better for you not to delay it. Automate your follow-up system. You can’t do this with phone calls , but you can still automate your lead generation campaign and call scheduling. Mistake . Lack of an effective selling pitch In Internet marketing, there are two basic types of sales pitches: mass and personal.

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The former are implemented in the format of landing pages , webinars or email newsletters, while the latter are implemented through calls or personalized letters. Decide on the type of pitch that is best for promoting your product and start working on it. Remember BJ Leads that this is your last chance to convert leads, and be sure to enlist the help of professionals if necessary. See also: Landing pitch: the main rule of filmmakers to follow Mistake Ignoring campaign tests and improvements Testing may seem too exhausting to you, but modern tools make it much easier. With these services, you will be able to analyze results across different campaign versions and maximize your conversions much faster:

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