How To Create A Whatsapp Chatbot With The Wati Tool

WATI Automation enables the WhatsApp Business Chatbot to automate responses to customer inquiries under certain conditions.

A WhatsApp bot for business helps to quickly respond to a user’s query without the need for human intervention and this is what the Automation feature of the WATI tool does. Keep reading!

The Whatsapp Automation Bot Area Consists Of Three Sections

In the keywords action area, you can configure the specific responses of the WhatsApp bot that will be trigger by certain keywords.

Keywords do not need to match the customer’s exact message (this is call “fuzzy match mode”). For example, if you put the phrase “opening hours” as a keyword. The AI ​​will trigger the same response (with actual opening hours) for when the customer asks “What are your opening hours.

This way, instead of wasting time Turkey Mobile Number List thinking of every possible sentence (which can be an exhausting and time-consuming procedure), you only need to enter 5-10 words or phrases per answer to get the best possible match.

You can also define how the WhatsApp auto-reply bot will respond to emojis or stickers. For example, if the customer sends a thumbs-up emoji, the WhatsApp bot can respond with another emoji that matches it (such as another thumbs-up emoji or whatever else is deem appropriate.

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This Area Is Where You Define The Default Behavior

Of the WhatsApp bot in specific situations, such as when customers ask questions during business hours, but there are delays in response. Here you can also choose the keyword or phrase that will trigger the autoresponder. The next option, should you choose to turn it on, is to set how many minutes the user. Will wait without a response before the autoresponder is sent. And to which specific keywords or phrases the user will respond.

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