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Increase the average number of views for each video by reducing the number of video content from 8 to the 5 most popular topics. Measurable: The goal is to increase views by 25%. Achievable: When we reduced Facebook video content topics from 10 topics to 8 most popular topics six months ago, average native video views increased by 20%. Significant: By increasing the average number of views per native Facebook video, we will increase brand awareness and audience size on social media. Timeframe: 6 months later. SMART Goal: By reducing the set of topics for video content from 8 to 5 most popular, in 6 months we will see a 25% increase in the average number of views of native videos on Facebook.

Regardless Of What Goes

See also Facebook Watch for online marketers. What, why, and how? 3. Email subscription Specifically: to increase the number of blog subscribers coming from email newsletters by increasing the budget for advertising on Facebook of those posts that Mexico Phone Number historically attracted the most part of the public. Measurable: The goal is to increase subscribers by 50%. Attainable: Since we started using this tactic three months ago, there has been a 40% increase in mailing list subscriptions to our blog. Meaningful: By increasing the number of subscribers to our blog, we will drive more traffic to it, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads for our sales team.

Mexico Phone Number

Right  What Goes Wrong

Timeframe months later. SMART Goal: In 3 months, we will see a 50% increase in our email subscribers by increasing our Facebook ad budget for posts that have historically attracted a large number of people. 4. Subscribe to webinars Specifically: to increase BJ Leads the number of subscribers to our webinar by promoting it through social networks, email and blog. Measurable: The goal is to increase subscriptions by 15%. Attainable: Our last webinar saw a 10% increase in attendance when we started promoting it via social media, email, and blog. Meaningful: When our webinars attract more customers, the sales team has more opportunities to win contracts. Deadline: by May 10 (webinar day). SMART Goal: By May 10, the day of our webinar, we will see a 15% increase in subscribers driven by social media, email, and blog promotion.

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