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If the only thing keeping customers from making a purchase on your site is the need to create accounts, then the only solution is to skip the registration process. See also: Do ​​not force users to register before the transaction is completed 5. Run a promotion 8% of customers leave their cart if they can’t find a discount code or coupon. 46% of online shoppers abandon checkout if a code they find doesn’t work. These results show that some buyers are die-hard stock hunters who are willing to spend their time looking for the lowest prices. And if they don’t find them on your site, then they will go somewhere else.

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Discounts loyalty programs, and multi-unit pricing are common business practices that help brands win customers and increase their Lifetime Value. When a user leaves your site, the likelihood of their return is greatly reduced. So strike while the iron is hot. Display Norway Phone Number your discounts in pop-ups, site banners, and sidebars. Sunlight jewelry store constantly offers promotions and discounts Sunlight jewelry store constantly offers promotions and discounts 6. Offer a clear and flexible return policy Worse than a bad return policy can only be the complete absence of such a policy. 66% of buyers agree with the statement that the better the return policy, the more they are willing to buy. And it doesn’t make sense. Internet customers do not have the opportunity to touch and examine the goods.

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If it turns out that in reality the thing looks different than on the site, then definitely no one wants to leave it. If you haven’t previously offered a free return, do a test run to see if you want to implement something like this. Here’s where to start: Offer free returns on all products within 30 days. At the end of the trial period, compare the number of sales generated BJ Leads during that 30-day period with the sales generated prior to it. Then subtract the cost of the return from the increased sales to determine if a flexible return policy will increase your bottom line. Alternatively, start with not all, but with a few products. You can also specify the regions to which the return policy will apply. The Zara store offers extremely convenient conditions. You can return a purchase made in their online store for free.

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