The 28 Best Digital Marketing Blogs in Spanish

Finding digital marketing blogs on the internet is not a difficult task. There is everything, some new, others older, some with few new features, others with many, some reliable and others not so much. Find out which are the best digital marketing blogs in this article! Gabriela Muente February 13, 19 | 6min read Internet is an excellent source of learning in the most diverse subjects. We all know that knowledge abounds in this medium, however, we must be demanding to discern what information we can trust. We frequently find outdated information, and in some cases, even wrong.

The 28 best Digital Marketing blogs:

It is for this reason that we must have reliable sources of information. Today there are very good references in the sector and that is 3m phone directory why we decided to make a compilation with the 27 best digital marketing blogs in Spanish. Do you want to know them? The 28 best Digital Marketing blogs: 1. Guerrilla Marketing We can say that this blog is motivating. It is a blog with dynamic articles, easy to read and mostly short. Aimed at entrepreneurs looking for solutions within digital marketing. Its creator, Carlos Bravo gives us interesting daily publications.

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Vilma Núñez’s blog If you are looking for tutorials, guides and ebooks, you can find many here. Vilma Nuñez is a Spanish digital marketing consultant who BJ Leads publishes articles on social networks, content marketing , blogging and digital advertising. 3. Juan Merodio’s blog Juan Merodio is another reference of marketing 2.0. His blog brings current information on social networks, entrepreneurship, marketing and digital transformation . 4. Direct Marketing This blog is a bit broader, not only dealing with digital marketing topics but also traditional marketing , advertising, brands and technology.

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