The Battle Against The Cicig

While in the first half of 2015 the investigations by the cicig and the Public Ministry affected corruption structures nested in the government that were directed by politicians and officials the subsequent investigations resulting from the ramifications of the cases systematically found the participation of business groups in these structures. The judicial cases Construction and corruption and Co-optation of the State exposed.

The Conservative Counteroffensive

Once the cicig was withdrawn the pro-impunity coalition had a free hand not only to stop the progress made in previous years but also to take full Australia Mobile Number List control of the justice system and use it to persecute its opponents. President Giammattei has played a key role in this.

Giammattei was a presidential candidate four times for different political parties. His most outstanding experience as an official was that of director of prisons during the Berger government.

Resistance And Construction Of Alternatives

Different political and organizational responses have been position. In the face of this authoritarian offensive. From the society it is a question of facing in very difficult conditions the co-optation of the State. In the first place today in Guatemala there is a permanent climate of social protest. Although there are no update academic reports reports from the National Civil Police and press. Releases show that every day there are local protest actions in different regions of the country.  For water public services labor conflicts defense of the territory for the lack of infrastructure and for many reasons and demands. These protest actions include traditional social organizations and movements such as the peasant and union movements but in general they are spontaneous actions of a local nature which have not yet reach levels of articulation and coordination but which confirm citizen fatigue. Second there are changes in social leadership in the repertoires of protest and political action. In this decade the center of gravity of the civil opposition has move towards the indigenous peoples and their authorities

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