The Colombian Giant Learn About the Corporate and Marketing Strategies

In this article we will talk about the history, strategies and marketing actions of Grupo Éxito that have made it the leading retail company in Colombia. Editor Rock Content Jan 23, 19 | 5 min read successful group strategies A company with more than 60 years within the national territory and with sales of billions of pesos each year, is a success story worthy of being studied, and that is what we will do. To begin with, we will talk about Grupo Éxito’s expansion strategies in Colombia, which have allowed it to have more than 570 branches throughout the nation. Taken from Dinero expansion strategies Since 2013, where it already had more than 400 stores in Colombia.

Expansion strategies

Grupo Éxito has entered the territory of mobile telephony, service stations, travel, insurance, fashion and the real estate sector. This shows the US email list intention to cover more commercial spaces once the company began to dominate its original sector. This conglomerate has managed to occupy a large part of the market with various brands such as Carulla and Surtimax, which have their own warehouses and branches throughout the country. This aggressive expansion on the part of the conglomerate has operated, despite losses, due to the economic demands of opening new stores and warehouses, but recognizing that those investments at some point would start to produce profits.

Grupo Exit Marketing Strategies

US email list

It is valuable to understand that the company has taken several risks internationally , investing capital in the purchase of shares in a sugar company in BJ Leads Brazil and a chain of hypermarkets in Argentina. And, although this diversification plan initially caused discomfort among its minority shareholders, in the long run it became the main growth support for them in the region. Loyalty As part of Grupo Éxito’s marketing strategy and the knowledge acquired by its subsidiary Carulla, the programs and promotions to increase customer loyalty are part of the company’s good results.

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