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These are quantifiable within these tools, tools like Moz, tools that emulate the PageRank metric. And what they can do is look at all of the pages that rank for a phrase, look at all of the authority of all of those sites and all of those pages, and then average them to show the likely difficulty of ranking for that key phrase. The difficulty would be more or less the average authority of the other pages that rank compar to the authority of your page and then determine whether that’s a page that you actually have a chance of ranking for or not. This could be call something like keyword difficulty.

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I search for baseball coaching” using a tool. I us Moz, and I Poland Phone Number List found that the difficulty for that key phrase was something like 46 out of 100. In other words, your page has to have about that much authority to have a chance of ranking for that phrase. There’s a subtle difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority, but we’re going to set that aside for now. “Squash coaching,” wow, different sport, less popular sport, less content, less competitive phrases ranking for that key phrase. Wow, “squash coaching” much less competitive. The difficulty for that was only 18.

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So that helps us understand the level of BJ Leads authority that we would have to have to have a chance of ranking for that key phrase. If we lack sufficient authority, it doesn’t matter how awesome our page is, we’re not likely to ever rank. So it’s really important to understand one of the things that Domain Authority tells us is our ranking potential. Are we sufficiently trust to be able to target that key phrase and potentially rank for that? That’s the first thing that the Domain Authority defines, measures, shows. The second thing that it shows, which I mention a second ago, is the value of a link from.

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