The inverted pyramid in web content writing

Digital marketing by Henry Silva The inverted pyramid in web content writing inverted pyramid and web writing Capybara SEO is a web positioning agency in Lima and today we want to share with you useful information about the inverted pyramid writing technique. This technique consists of organizing the message you want to convey from highest to lowest in terms of importance. In other words, the main part of the information included in the first paragraph and the details that complement it in the following paragraphs. Pyramid structure On the internet.

The inverted pyramid and the benefits

For the reader Inverted pyramid in content If users like your article from the beginning. They probably read the content right away or if they don’t have time. They might bookmark the text to continue reading later. If they are using a mobile device, they will be able to see the main point of the content and if they are interested, they will proceed to send the Singapore Phone Number List link by mail to read calmly later. When you do SEO Content, blog or website writing , you want to make sure you grab your readers attention from the beginning, so they don’t have to scroll down to get the main points of the topic. There have also been eye tracking studies that show the behavior of web users. They focus mainly on the beginning of pages. When a reader sees a magazine article or book.

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On the web expectations are not

Exactly the same Readers of digital content like quick but complete thoughts. More and more people are searching the internet on the go, so they want information as quickly as possible. Also on the web, there are many other things like tags, images and advertisements that can divert the reader’s attention. To prevent the user or reader from getting BJ Leads sidetracked from your site, you should use the inverted pyramid writing technique, where you write the most important part first and the details are presented later.  Search Engine Benefits and Keyword Relevance Search Engine . The closer the keyword in the text is to. The topic area of ​​the blog or web page, the better it will rank.

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