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Specific goals do NOT include something along the lines of “become better at your job”—it’s not specific. Instead, you need to ask yourself: what exactly do I want to become better at? how much better am I going to get? For example, if you are a marketing specialist, then your work is probably related to key performance indicators (eng. KPI, Key Performance Indicators). Therefore, you can choose the specific KPI you want to improve, such as the number of visitors, leads, or customers. You must also identify the team members working towards this goal, the resources that will be provided to them, and their action plan. A specific SMART goal is Increase blog traffic from email newsletters.

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It clearly reflects what you are trying to improve. measurable You should be able to track and quantify progress towards your goal. “Increase blog traffic from emails” is not a SMART goal in and of itself, as you cannot measure this increase. Instead, ask Japan Phone Number yourself: How much mailing traffic should you be aiming for? Let’s turn to the goal that we outlined above. Your measurable SMART goal now reads: “Increase blog traffic from email newsletters by 25% per month.” You know what you are increasing and by how much. Achievable Reachability is the ability to achieve a goal . Make sure the planned X percent increase is realistic.

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For example if your blog traffic increased by  last month, try to increase it by 8-10% this month, not . It’s critical to come from your own analytics and not industry benchmarks, or you run the risk of biting off more than you can chew. So let’s add some “achievability” to your goal: “Increase blog traffic from email by 8-10% per month.” This way you don’t set BJ Leads yourself up for failure. Significant Meaningful goals align with your company’s overall business goals and take into account current industry trends. For example, will an increase in email traffic lead to an increase in revenue? And can you really significantly increase your blog traffic with ongoing email marketing campaigns in mind? By paying attention to such factors, you will set SMART goals that benefit the entire company, not just you or your department.

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