Ways to harm the positioning of your ecommerce website

Digital marketing by Henry Silva 5 ways to harm the positioning of your ecommerce website web search engine optimization ecommerce 1 E-commerce sites that lose search engine rankings risk being out of business. Don’t let that happen to you. In this article, we present 5 simple ways that e-commerce sites can accidentally hurt their Google rankings, or even lose them. 1. Migrate platform without taking into account web positioning Launching a new e-commerce website or migrating to a new platform are the most common reasons why SEO declines and sales decline. Perhaps the new site is not as SEO friendly as the previous version. Or when you switched platforms, maybe you deleted pages and changed URLs without redirecting them.

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New content or previously indexed and ranked pages on the web. Make sure you don’t suffer a loss of position in Google. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you migrate platforms: A correct implementation of 301 redirects that includes all the pages that contain backlinks that point to them. A site crawl using SEO Software to ensure Bulgaria-Phone-Number-List that all pages are indexed correctly. Audit all meta titles, descriptions, H1 tags and content to ensure that all information successfully migrates from each web page to the new page and destination URL. Try to keep all categorization and restructuring changes to a minimum during migration. Basically don’t remove categories from your web browser. Avoid a big drop in site speed from one website to another. You can also export all the URLs that receive the vast majority of your clicks using Google Search Console.


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On “pages” and review the dates from the previous 90 days to get as much data as possible. From there, you can audit those individual pages and make sure Google doesn’t penalize them for the keywords they currently rank for when they switch to the new platform. web search engine optimization ecommerce 2 2. Restructuring Categories Many continually BJ Leads optimize the navigation menu for customers – removing categories, re-categorizing them and combining categories. This is an SEO issue as the links in your navigation menu share your link authority which in turn share links pointing to your main page. Generally, your main page has a large number of links. So when you remove categories from your navigation menu, you could hurt your organic ranking.

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