The influencer phenomenon the power of likes

Digital Marketing Online Reputation Management , SEO 29 December, 2017 by Henry Silva The influencer phenomenon: the power of “likes” The influencer phenomenon Among the digital marketing trends, it is fashionable to hire influencers or “influencers” on social networks to reach the masses. Companies are paying large sums of money for a photo, video or piece of content that quickly becomes popular and say the investment is worth it. However, entrusting communications to people outside an organization carries some risks. In the age of social media, audiences trust influencer -generated content more than traditional banner ads.

Elvis Santos general manager of

the Shackleton Buzz & Press advertising agency , believes that the phenomenon of influencers breaks all the rules of traditional communication: “Historically, advertising discourse was based on dialogue, but today we find ourselves in an era where we need to stop disturbing people with ads; we need to get your attention.” According to this advertising expert, who participated in the OMExpo event held in Madrid, brands Croatia Phone Number List generally lack an attractive discourse and that is where the role of the influencer becomes more relevant: “We need to use influencers because they are capable of spreading the messages of a different way. They reach the target audience in a more natural way to convey the brand message. How to contact an influencer ? Talk and exchange with the influencer -Identify “influential people” in social networks.


Social media and influencers The success

Of social networks like Instagram a platform that launched less than seven years ago and has around 500 million monthly active users, with 4.2 billion daily likes and 95 million daily uploaded photos, is fueling the influencer phenomenon and the fees these influencers charge. Being an influencer has become a business, although, Santos observes, a small BJ Leads bubble is forming in this segment: “Like everything that happens in life, where there is money involved, a business is created, and now people are buying followers.” The general manager of Shackleton Buzz & Press says that brands need to assess whether these people really “have the power to influence people.” Normally they manage several platforms so with them you will have a broader reach in digital media.


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