What are the functionalities of the SERPs

Knowing the main functionalities of the SERPs, in addition to the most important resources and tools, you can carry out a strategy to climb positions and make your website or blog gain visibility. Editor Rock Content Apr 25, 19 | 5 min read functionalities of serps First of all, it is important that you know that web search engines have existed since 1993 and that Wandex began the history of these platforms that have had an incredible evolution since then. Now yes, let’s talk specifically about the functionalities and characteristics of the SERPs . Are you ready? Elements of a SERP: what do they look like? Most browsers look similar. The conventional elements, and that we mention according to their position from the top down.

Elements of a SERP: what do they look like?

Search box : it is nothing more than the place where you enter the text or load an image that you want to search for. It is located at the top of the Chile Phone number example search engine. Vertical navigation : tabs that allow us to filter searches according to the type of content we need (images, videos, news, among others). In addition to refining the results according to the region or publication date. Results Information – The number of results and the time it took for the search engine to find them. PPC advertising ( Pay Per Click ): paid ads to achieve positioning in the SERPs and get more clicks.

Why is it important to know the structure of the SERPs?

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