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Develops holistic online marketing strategies for B2B and. B2C companies across English and German-speaking markets. By acting as an external strategic partner to Senior Level Marketers, my go-to marketing strategies are for businesses looking to expand into new markets, increase sales, and sustainably grow their business. My specialty lies in creating holistic marketing strategies that incorporate various techniques like native-speaker level SEO, LinkIn content marketing, and marketing automation. Using my knowlge of both English and German-speaking markets. I’m able to successfully expand your brand into new markets. I help you sustainably scale your business with the right marketing strategy.

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The majority of survey consumers say New-Zealand Phone Number List that about half of their searches have a local intent, while the other half of queries can be satisfi with remote solutions. On either side of the chess board are businesses hoping Google will surface them fairly for appropriate keywords. SEOs and marketers hear both sides of what can sometimes sound like a battle, with clients of multiple models rarely satisfi with the SERPs. Meanwhile, the last two years have so blurr the lines of intent and fulfillment that it can start to feel rather vague at the agency level where a client falls within all of these possible identity categories: Local and independent/small Local and part of a chain Brick-and-mortar with in-store transactions only Brick-and-mortar with digital shopping/delivery.

New-Zealand Phone Number List

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SAB with or without online transactions Solely BJ Leads virtual and independent/small Solely virtual national brand National brand that was virtual but is now showrooming or opening physical stores B2B or B2C Informational with unique income streams not from traditional sales Defining the client’s model properly should be the first step in any campaign. What and where the business is has long defin a major portion of its opportunities for visibility in Google results. But the SEO game is changing. Whether a particular client is best serv by focusing more on the guidelines for representing your business on Google or the QRG, SEOs ne to be able to.

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