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That’s why in your voicemail you should start with something relevant to potential customers, like an interesting question. 3. Rely on questions that wouldn’t be ask in email To have a better chance of reaching your target audience, your voicemail should be different from your email, so prepare as personalized questions as possible for them. Let’s say if you were selling some technology for financial management, a person could be ask what financial software he used today, whether all analysts from his department work remotely, etc. The better your questions will fit into the current situation recipients, the more attentively they will treat them.

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Don’t End with a Traditional Phrase Standard phrases such as “Please call me back” or “I will contact you again on the Nth” sound too clichéd and have long been boring to everyone. Try to end your posts with more thoughtful expressions/questions so that people react to them more loyally than typical voice content. See also: Psychology of sales: How to sell Israel Phone Number anything to anyone? 5. Don’t hang up until you leave a message If you do not get through to a potential client, you must definitely leave a message. In any case, a person will see your number in the missed calls menu, but if he does not find a voice message with him, he will probably consider your call not very important. And the more such “empty” calls the recipient sees, the less chance you will have to attract his attention in the future.

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Speak in a normal tone Many salespeople communicate with customers too enthusiastically. Raising their voice to an unnatural tone, but more often. Than not, such excessive enthusiasm is perceived poorly. Instead, try to keep the conversation in your usual BJ Leads tone and speak calmly. This will emphasize your confidence in what was said and make the call memorable. 7. Leave a voicemail at the end of the day As a rule, the response to voicemail increases during the day, which is due to the effect of serial location (serial position effect). According to this psychological phenomenon, people remember best what they see/hear first and last. Let’s say a potential buyer gets a sales voicemail at 9:00 AM.

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