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This may include: Your unique value proposition Customer testimonials and/or success stories. Why are we seeing a lack of it? Many B2B brands are accustomed to attracting customers and generating leads with the help of sales representatives. The core eCommerce functionality was to serve existing customers—those who simply needed an efficient way to reorder. Today, however, more and more new business streams are moving through search and other channels. B2B e-commerce is now based on first impressions (based on, among other things, clear differentiation from competitors) rather than just utilitarian design and minimal clicks.

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When it comes to product content, many B2B sites face another problem: this kind of information is not available. For example, you may need to register to view it. You must help inform the client, convince him, and not hide important details. In addition to content Senegal Phone Number hubs, videos are another effective way to deliver useful information. One Google survey showed that 70% of B2B shoppers watch videos during their customer journey . Views of branded video content increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook between 2016 and 2017. What should these videos be like? Modern and aesthetically similar to what B2C companies produce but with an obligatory emphasis on the practical benefits of your products.

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Here is an example of a professional video from MTS presenting a technological product for business (presented in the corporate section on their main website): Case studies also contribute to lead generation on B2B sites. At a minimum, representatives of the customer will be able to convey the data you provided to the authorities who make the final BJ Leads decision. Case studies are able to eliminate potential objections from all decision makers in the buying process. Avers Technology, a software company for restaurants, cafes and canteens, uses case studies to demonstrate how their product can solve food service problems and increase productivity.

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