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You can still miss little gems of data that can help with ideation. In our case, after taking time to thoroughly review these audits for AFG. Content ideas were then review and research by our content writer, moving onto our next step. Any content that may have been holding the site back from. A technical perspective was hand over to our tech SEO experts. Which is explain further in strategy point four. Step Create the content After reviewing data from the audits. Our content writer creat and research ideas. They look to see if there were topics that AFG. Were lacking strong content for in the content audit and gap analysis.

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Then check if competitors Russia Phone Number List were talking about them as well (or if they weren’t — that can be good news too, depending on the client and topic). From there, they pull together ideas for new blog posts, pages, and other content, and for optimizing existing content (for example, if AFG poorly mention a keyword that we highlight as a good area of focus in the spreadsheet). They then carri out the usual checks: Looking at keyword difficulty and search volume to figure out which keywords and topics are a priority, then at who else is ranking to use their posts for inspiration. Researching within Google Search Console (GSC) to see if existing pages were ranking for certain terms.

Russia Phone Number List

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For pages we plann on updating, we check what BJ Leads the page was initially ranking for, and what elements ne keeping in and what ne adding. We also look at what queries were ranking. After this, “skeleton documents” are creat, which detail the URL, meta description, keyword(s), as well as frequently ask questions, which can be found through Moz, the SERP, GSC and Answer the Public. Example of a ‘skeleton document’, featuring technical information at the top of the document In November 2020, we upload a “Guide to Common.

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