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This means that B2B brands need an optimized mobile app that delivers a consistent customer experience on both desktop and smartphone. A more recent example against this background is the site of the industrial enterprise SUZMK Energo: it provides a consistent experience for exploring products both on a computer and on a mobile device: SUZMK Energo SUZMK Energo Rising expectations are part of a longer process of change that has been unfolding over the past two decades in the B2B realm of physical goods. This process included the following milestones. From the complete absence of a website to the appearance of at least some kind of website, which made it possible to prove the “officiality” of the activity.

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From a basic website to a landing page. That can generate calls or lead leads; 3. From a lead generating site to an eCommerce site; 4. From a basic eCommerce site to a site that can compete with a B2C experience. Most B2B companies are now working on Slovenia Phone Number the transition from the third to the fourth stage. Three tactics are critical to this ultimate transition. Read also: Web personalization: how does it work in B2B? 3 Key Solutions for Perfect B2B UX 1. Tell us about your product – and about yourself B2B buyers usually prefer to look for information on their own. This is the main reason for the explosive popularity of live chats and chatbots . Live chat provides real-time responses from customer support and sales reps or bots.

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Site Exit-popups Come Into Play

Their main task is to push self-learning potential customers further up the sales funnel. Sales reps still have a role to play, but now some of their knowledge – especially in the early stages of consideration and analysis (Consideration Phase) – should find its way into the marketing materials on your site. However, many companies have not yet done so. The website of BJ Leads the Hotel World company meets many of the basic requirements of a good eCommerce resource: there is an impressive list of categories, there is a fairly noticeable search bar. But the site does not explain at all why the user should place an order here: Hotel World website Compare with the Ummax website – on the main page they emphasize their experience, then indicate that they are a Russian manufacturer selling throughout Russia and the CIS, etc.: ummax The need for educational content about a brand is just as important as information about products and options.

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