This Step Is The Turning Point Of Theory U

now with everything learn in the other phases, it is when we start from scratch towards a new innovation of the project, seeing new possibilities that we were not able to see before. This phase is key to starting the process of change that we are so much looking for.

In short, at this stage we start with the most inspiring part of the project, the process of creation and innovation. In the previous phases we have already known the environment and we have known ourselves, so, by enriching ourselves with all this information, we are already prepar to start building solutions to problems both individually and collectively.

At This Point The People In The Organization Begin To Think Consciously

paying attention to everything that happens. It is now when you reflect on a specific goal, where you try to find solutions to a problem, among others. Now is the time that is bas on seeking the real. In this phase is where we really generate a transformation in the ecosystem that we are wanting to Philippines Mobile Number List change. At this moment we do not start from an individual thought, but we have manag to empathize and have a deeper knowledge about the project, as well as our way of thinking is different from the one we had at the beginning of the process.

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And The Time Has Come To Prototype The Project

The last step in the process is for the prototype to become a real product/service. This is already the last phase in which all the work that we have done previously materializes and where we execute all the solutions and innovations that we have creat.

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