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Customers view your products, click on the “Add to cart” button, and then abandon the main action – the purchase. How to prevent such a scenario? In this article, you will find 10 reliable ways to solve the checkout abandonment problem. The content of the article 1. Try to reduce the shock of shipping costs 2. Build trust by offering secure payment options 3. Develop a return strategy for customers about to leave 4. Stop requiring registration 5. Run a promotion 6. Offer a clear and flexible return policy. Provide reliable customer service support.

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Improve the site experience 9. Email them if they leave their carts 10. Use retargeting ads to win back customers Start “animating” abandoned carts 1. Try to reduce the shock of shipping costs Expensive shipping is the main reason people abandon carts. And this Nepal Phone Number is not surprising, given the fact that some popular Chinese sites offer free shipping. This is beneficial for customers, but small retailers have to find ways to manage customer expectations. After all, someone has to pay for shipping! And here’s what you can do: invest that expense in the price of the product and use free shipping as one of your store’s top perks. Ozon offers free shipping options (starting from a certain order amount) to most regions of Russia, which allows them to reduce the friction associated with additional costs.

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Ozone The Sky in Diamonds online jewelry store delivers free of charge at any order value throughout the Russian Federation: “Sky in Diamonds” “Sky in Diamonds” Free shipping is one of the most recommended eCommerce marketing BJ Leads strategies. 48% of respondents in one study admitted to adding more items to their cart to get free shipping, and 44% said they chose the slowest shipping option just because it was free. Read also: How to develop a profitable eCommerce shipping system 2. Build trust by offering secure payment options Payment insecurity is the second leading reason for checkout abandonment. Buyers want their personal information to be safe and not to be charged any additional money in the future.

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