Network Marketing What is It and How Does This Strategy Work

Many people confuse network marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing) with pyramid schemes. In reality, it is a completely different model that represents a great opportunity for real earnings. Redator Rock Content Ene 20, 19 | 5 min read network marketing If you want to have your own business, this can be a good option. With few resources and with patience you can build a wide network of distributors , have a good income and work less and less. The thing is, there are a lot of scammers who say that network marketing makes you rich overnight.

What are the advantages of Multilevel

Something that is impossible (unless, of course, you win the lottery or receive a millionaire inheritance). But then why do it? This business model is UK email address list ideal for people who want to leave a job they don’t like and where they don’t have the possibility to earn more. In other words, it is faster to increase income through network marketing than through career plans. Do you find it interesting? Then read this post to understand what Network Marketing is, who it is ideal for and how to start doing it. What is Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing?

Who is Network Marketing recommended for

UK email address list

Before continuing the conversation, you need to understand exactly what network marketing is . In short, it is a direct sales model for the final customer without the BJ Leads intermediation of stores or markets. You sell the product direct from the factory and receive a commission. To better understand, look at the difference between Network Marketing and traditional marketing : Marketing tradicional In this model, the manufacturer sells the product to a distributor, who in turn sells it to a store that, finally, sells it to the final consumer. This sales model generates advertising costs , employees, logistics, equipment and infrastructure, space rental and many others.

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