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Asymmetry informal balance when objects are placed unevenly around a horizontal or vertical axis. Usually in an asymmetrical composition, the emphasis is on one side or element. Example of symmetrical logos Example of symmetrical logos Contrast Contrast is responsible for how the objects of the composition differ. It can be expressed through design elements such as space, shape, size, color and texture. Negative space , denoting empty spaces, is also an important component of contrast. With it, you can organize the details of the composition and highlight the most important ones. It also makes the design more exclusive and minimalistic.

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Negative space See also: The principles of contrast and similarity as a means of expression in web design domination According to the principle of dominance, some elements of the composition should be emphasized. Usually, different sizes, fonts and color Macedonia Phone Number combinations (which may contrast with each other) are used for this. In design, there are 3 degrees of dominance: Dominant – the object on which the most attention is focused. As a rule, it is in the foreground of the composition. Subdominant – secondary accent objects that are placed in the center of the composition. Subordinate – objects with the least accent, located in the background.

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Fun fact the visual center is the point at which a person focuses when looking at a design element. It is located slightly above and to the right of the actual center of the composition. the visual center is the point at which a person focuses when looking at a design element Traffic Motion is the visual path that an observer follows when viewing a composition. By BJ Leads following the principle of motion, you can make your design narrative and create a first-class user experience . And design elements such as lines, shapes and colors will help you with this. Traffic Proportion or Scale Proportion is responsible for the visual weight and size of the details of the composition, as well as how they relate to each other.

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