Tips to improve the SEO of your blog

Search engine optimization is one of the priorities of digital marketing professionals and it is expected to have the same importance this year, since it contributes to success, attracting more visits and traffic to a web page. Do you need to improve the SEO of your blog but you are not an expert? Do not worry that through this reading you will discover tricks and tips from experts so that you can increase the traffic of your blog with the help of search engines. Algorithm Update An update to the Google algorithm was recently launched and one of its main features is that it now works in real time, that is, the probability of positioning sites through fraudulent techniques is lower and the priority is natural links of excellent quality. Our advice is that you take it into account to generate content that adds value and is attractive to people.

These are only some basic aspects

Taking all this into account, we will give you some tips below: tricks-improve-seo-blog Title Optimization A common mistake is to create titles that are not attractive, much less functional around SEO, to avoid this before writing a title, think about the essence of the topic you are about to deal with, do not exceed Jiangsu Phone Number List characters and try to place the word key at the beginning of the title if possible as it can lose meaning. BEWARE of the links When you write an article it is possible that the URL is automatically generate and contains some details that you want to avoid. For example the use of accents, numbers, strange characters, among others. Our advice is that you do it manually taking into account the keywords and make the changes that you think are convenient.

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It is also important to mention

On the other hand, it is necessary that when writing an article you have. Contemplated the placement of links to other that are related to the topic. This, in addition to directing traffic to another part of the website. Will be very helpful for Google to navigate the blog easily. Here are some useful tips: If you have an article that has BJ Leads to link to, it’s best to write it down so you can use it in the future. Before publishing, check the list of articles that have been successful, these can be excellent options to link to a new article. Do not try to abuse this resource, since by saturating the text with links you will. Only make the reader ignore it or lose interest. Image types There are several content formats and it is normal to choose the most appropriate.

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