User intent to boost the SEO of your website

SEO Digital Marketing August by Henry Silva User intent to boost the SEO of your website User intent and SEO At Capybara SEO , we will tell you what user intent is and how you can conduct keyword research based on it in order to develop effective SEO strategies . Every day, more than 4 billion searches are made through Google. In other words, there are 4 billion people with needs and the companies that can meet those needs are the ones that are succeeding. But before satisfying any need, one must understand what is the need? It’s not just about what’s on offer; it is about the solutions that the products or services offer to the clients. Think about the times when you need something, for example a new mattress.

What is the first thing you do

Many people turn to the Internet to research learn and eventually make a purchase. To attract customers, brands need to understand what people want, in short, their intent. According to a Forester study, 93% of online experiences begin with the search engine , yet customers search not with keywords in mind, but with intent . Search intent: SEO and India Phone Number List search intent to position yourself User search intent is the reason why a person performs a certain search on Google. The search engine will interpret that reason and offer the results that best fit it. For example: when typing in Google “dog shoes”, results related to ecommerce sites that sell that product and different pages with content for that topic will appear. This process applies to any type of search: simple or complex.


There are three types of intentions

The user is looking for something specific. Information – The user is researching and gathering information. Transactional : the user is ready to buy. By knowing the user’s search intention you can position yourself better in the search engine . Importance of search intent for SEO: If companies know the intention of users, they can predict what searches USA Business they will carry out or rather what keywords they will insert in the search engine. In this way, the SEO work will be focused on those terms in order to conquer the Google results pages. However, before working with the user’s search intent, companies must create a buyer persona. In this way the research of the keywords will be backed up with the results of the . Marketing studies and will focus on the creation of quality content.

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