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Avers shows visual infographics on one page Avers shows visual infographics on one page. A more detailed analysis of cases is publish in his blog A more detailed analysis of cases is published in his blog The direct buyer may not go into too much detail, but his boss (or boss’s boss) will almost certainly want to. Case studies provide an opportunity for companies selling business-to-business products and services to demonstrate to potential buyers that they understand their need to meet the needs of all interested managers in their organization. An important role is played by the location of such cases. Adding case studies to landing pages makes the information more accessible without the user having to search for it in a separate section.

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In essence, case studies are detail testimonials fill with details that are important to people at different levels of the organization. 2. Make site navigation and search intuitive and comprehensive B2B sites should pay more attention to usability, they should Romania Phone Number help users complete complex tasks and learn specialized products. Search is an essential component of the usability of an eCommerce site. Nearly all B2B shoppers (98%) search for product information online, with 62% of customers rating advanced search functionality as “increasingly important” for online shopping. That’s why the search on your site should be debugge at the highest level. Reversal’s online store is just starting to operate. Selling traditional industrial goods to businesses through the network has not yet become mainstream in Russia.

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However even their basic general purpose eCommerce site boasts a clean catalog interface and fairly extensive filtering and search options: Several online store Ultimately, there is not much difference between B2C and B2B search and navigation requirements. However, as noted, public expectations have changed, and B2B sites are generally trailing behind their B2C counterparts. Those who apply the best practices of B2C business succeed. 3. Offer users a dedicated portal or landing page Almost half of B2B buyers (45%) are looking for personalized content resources, so creating a dedicated wholesale portal is often justified. If the development of a separate site is not possible, then landing pages are suitable as a replacement . On the wholesale portal, B2B buyers make new purchases, repeat previous orders and get access to individual product catalogs depending on their needs.

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