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Once your ad has received at least 500 impressions, Facebook counts all the positive and negative reactions your ad has received, analyzes user feedback, and assigns your ad a relevance score from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. When talking about Relevance Score, there are two things to mention: 1. A positive score – a sign that your ad is relevant – depends on the goal of your campaign. For example, if you run an Engagement optimized ad and it gets a lot of likes and shares , then it will be highly relevant. On the other hand, if you’re optimizing your campaign for “Traffic” and people don’t click on ads, then your relevance score will be low.

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A good relevancy score depends on the goal of your campaign. Facebook divides ad campaign goals into three categories, corresponding to the three stages of your Belize Phone Number customer journey: awareness (awareness), consideration (consideration) and conversion (conversion): Awareness advertising aims to introduce your audience to your product or service. Consideration advertising encourages people to be interested in your company Conversion ads encourage people to buy What is your marketing goal? What is your marketing goal? Awareness: brand awareness, reach Consideration: traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages Conversion: conversions, catalog sales, store visits Remember.

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That people use social networks to communicate and have fun; they don’t come to Facebook to make purchases. Accordingly, it is logical that people will respond more positively to entertaining advertising than to selling one. Thus, awareness-raising BJ Leads campaigns tend to have a higher relevance score than ads that aim to increase sales. What relevancy score should you aim for? In my experience, effective Awareness campaigns have a Relevance Score of . Whereas for advertisements for consideration, the Relevance Score can be 5 or more, and for conversion campaigns, the Relevance Score is always the lowest – often 3 or more. four.

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