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If you have the necessary experience and the desire to meet demand, you may be better at showing yourself as an entrepreneur . Commitment and passion often pay huge dividends. Reduce the risk of self-employment by gradually moving from working for your uncle to freelancing. 1. Running a business is like hosting an event. Think about the steps you need to take to plan an event. Write a business plan that looks like an event project management document. 2. Isolate the elements that are dragging you down. What makes you unhappy with your current position? If self-employment can eliminate this, take the plunge.

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Define a niche. A great way to build a consistent customer base is to focus on your specialty and become an active organizer of a certain type of event. Read also: 10 inspiring foreign landing pages for events Development of a career plan Development of a career Greece Phone Number plan Most likely, your schedule is packed to capacity. But sometimes you need to take the time to reflect and determine your career path. 1. Carefully assess yourself and your situation Evaluate your place in the market, determine the average set of competencies that a professional of your level should have, if something is missing, write down a realistic list of next steps. Is your organization or industry on the upward trend? Are you the only one in charge or do you work in a team with differentiated roles? Don’t underestimate yourself.

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So are you unqualified? Are you sure you’re incapable of speaking in public? 2. Analyze the labor market See what’s happening in the market. This is a time-consuming step, but it is necessary to make an informed decision. Are you interest and competitive in hosting different types of events? Are you limited by your current location? What is the BJ Leads competitive landscape in other cities? Follow industry influencers to get insight into their strategies and contacts. 3. Know your weaknesses Find out what you’re missing in terms of what’s competitive for the job you’re interest in. Are your certificates up to date? Does your experience match your planned career path? Can you use your existing network or do you need to do some networking work? Does your resume and portfolio of organized events look worthy against the background of others.

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