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In the example above, DTTW prompts users to visit the blog, contact the manager by phone or email after downloading the e-book, thus pushing them to the next step. 2. THANK YOU FOR registering for the webinar These “intermediate steps” can also take the form of a webinar. This marketing activity allows you to meet the registered person in person. Don’t just redirect new leads to a webinar page without explanation. You still need to confirm to users that their action was successful (and that you are grateful for what they did.  Registering for the webinar In this example, the webinar registration thank you page asks users to provide their phone number so they don’t miss the broadcast.

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Subscribing to the newsletter By joining your list of subscribers, people demonstrate their interest in what you have to offer and their trust. Don’t spoil the first impression by showing new subscribers a regular confirmation page or ads. Instead, encourage Latvia Phone Number them to check out other relevant content on your site: THANK YOU FOR subscribing to the newsletter Also Read: 10 Thank You Pages That Really Work 4. СПАСИБО ЗАCheck your mailbox. We sent you a link to a bonus gift Here is the solution: make it as easy as possible for the person who registered for the webinar to remember about it.

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Leave links to three popular online scheduling services – Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal – and invite future webinar participants to go through one of them and add an event to their calendar. This way you will increase the chances that a person will BJ Leads attend your webinar. Your registration is complete Your registration is complete Webinar starts in 1 day 3 hours 47 minutes 14 seconds Add a reminder to your Google Calendar (Outlook Calendar, iCal Calendar) 6. THANK YOU FOR registering for a live event Even a small, live event requires a lot of routine work to be successful. Make sure that all your efforts pay off: use the thank you page to increase traffic.

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