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SEO by Henry Silva 10 types of content that work best for SEO Types of SEO content After analyzing hundreds of SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages ) over the last few weeks, we have identified the 10 types of content that work best for SEO and ranked which formats are suitable for certain queries. The 10 types of content that work best for SEO are  blog posts. These could have regular updates or be republished on a regular basis. For more information, see the entry on SEO Content: writing for a blog or website . Content and short-form articles that present topics that arouse permanent interest. Articles that will have a long-term influence. Photographs and visual galleries.

Lists rich in information for example

“the best fitness trackers for running swimming and going to the gym”. Interactive tools and content, for example using gifs within the content. Categories that include landing pages. Guides for defined uses, for example How to create an advertisement for Google Adwords? . Data or complex information that is massively displayed, for example: the electoral Turkey Phone Number List results of a country, etc. Videos, use YouTube or upload videos on a particular page. Now, at Capybara Seo we explain everything you need to know so you can answer the following question: What format should you use for your project? This question must be asked when creating content around SEO.

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Aspect What is the intention of

The seekers What are they trying to achieve? Google search engine and SEO The intention of the search engines branches into 3: navigation, information and carrying out transactions. With the navigation you reach the web pages of the brands and products; with the information is intended: Give a quick answer to a question Make an in-depth BJ Leads comparison between two types of information, products, services, or ways of doing things Show a big picture Unite curiosity and intrigue. For example, you might be looking for something specific or general information that satisfies your curiosity, when you go through those moments of procrastination, like: “I want to know all the movies Meg Ryan has been in.” Then Wait a minute.

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