SEO training at Google Chile offices

SEO by Henry Silva SEO training at Google Chile offices capybara seo in the offices of google chile Miguel Huahuala, Capybara SEO project supervisor , made a presentation at the Google Chile offices together with our partner Norte Digital. This presentation addressed aspects such as: Benefits of content marketing Increased visibility in search engines : every new entry you add to your blog is another page that Google will index. More pages don’t always correlate with more search traffic, but having more quality pages indexed can give you more chances to rank for more search queries.

If you’re targeting long-tail keywords

And topics that your customers frequently search for, you shouldn’t have a problem showing up for those searches with your various data files. Higher Domain Authority – Writing more high-quality content will increase the experience, authority, relevance, and trust that users perceive of your site. If that content gets more inbound links from Afghanistan Phone Number List external sources, the domain authority of your website will increase even more. Higher domain authority strongly correlates with higher search ranking, so the more quality content you produce, the more organic search visibility you’ll gain in all areas of your site. More Referral Traffic – This depends on your commitment to Guest Posting in the content strategy.


When you contribute to external posts

As a guest you will have the opportunity to link to your site. Do it on a relevant and high traffic site, a single guest post could earn you thousands of new visitors to your website. You could also post guest content to attract more people to your website or blog. guideline strategies BJ Leads Worldwide, electronic commerce or E-commerce represents a potential source of income for companies that use the Internet. There are a huge number of pages that offer many products and services, but how do these companies promote their pages? The answer is easy, with advertising! There are different ways to promote your business on the Internet and one of the best ways to do it is with the famous Google Adwords .

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