Essential trends for web design

The implied meanings and associations of the circles in the design may have a lot to do with their use. The circles imply a feeling of wholeness and harmony. They are used to represent love, energy and power. (It’s surprising designers don’t use circles more often.) While the most common uses of circles have been in the form of buttons or calls to action, recently thanks to Google’s material design, circles are taking on stronger roles in SEO-friendly web design . What can be difficult for circles is the canvas and shape of websites, whether they are clearly horizontal (desktop screens) or vertical (mobile screens).

Split Screens Split screen in web design

Split screen layouts are one of those trends that grows in popularity and then disappears, only to come back again. The latest iteration of the trend includes both super bold split screens and more subtle combinations. The positive aspect of split screen layouts is that they work with the responsive format and add aesthetic value. You get dual content on Sweden Phone Number List desktop and stacked content on mobile screens. Regardless of the device, the user does not feel like losing anything by changing the device type. This concept puts users in control of the design, allowing them to feel like there is a choice in how they interact with the content. Dark backgrounds: Web design with dark background Dark backgrounds and white text are a classic combination.

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This trend is emerging with a little twist

Animations or videos are placed on the dark background. It doesn’t matter if the movement is subtle or fast, the action in the background is what draws users in. The lack of color adds an element of mystery and makes the scene more appealing. White texts add to the design. This makes it easier to read and keeps the words from “overwhelming” the design. This type BJ Leads of work is seen in more formal projects. In animated designs, the driving visual element is movement in the dark space of the background.  The darker the background with these types of designs, the more mystery they will create.

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