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This tool also has the Overlap and Rivalry metrics. To filter your top competitors. The Overlap metric filters your top competitors based on the shared keywords you both rank for on the first page of Google. The Rivalry metric uses factors like CTR, DA score. The volume of shared keywords, etc. to identify the most relevant competitors for your SaaS. After identifying your top SEO competitors, you can perform an in-depth analysis of at most 2 of them, to know the keywords they’re targeting. Survey or interview your new and existing customers If someone signs up for your SaaS product.

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It’s also possible that they’ve just Kuwait Phone Number List churned from one of your competitors to become a customer. This shows that they have an idea of who your direct and indirect competitors are. To get this information, all you need to do is reach out and interview them one after the other. This could be by talking to them via a quick call, sending a short survey for them to fill out, or asking them during the onboarding process. Here are some questions you can ask customers to identify your top competitors: What tools were you using to solve X problem before trying out our product.

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If you’ve never used any tool before, how BJ Leads were you able to solve this problem before now? What made you interested in trying out our product? When did you realize that a tool​ like ours is what you need right now? How much research did you do to decide on our product? What are some other, similar tools you discovered during the research process? 3. Perform a Google search targeting your SaaS use cases and features Performing a Google search for the use cases, features, and problems your chances are that they’ve demoed or tried out other options before deciding to go with yours.

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