Understand How You Can Use Transmedia Storytelling to Promote Your Business

The use of transmedia narrative has proven to be an efficient solution to the process of creating brand narratives. Through this, a company can tell a story through different media (books, movies, games, television, etc.) in a complementary way, increasing contact with the public and generating engagement. Editor Rock Content Mar 4, 19 | 8 min read mass media Do you remember the days when there was talk of a “real world” and a virtual one? You may still hear it from time to time, but the division between the two realities, right now, makes less sense. These stories are present in different formats and supports, which bring richness and constant innovations to the public .

What is transmedia storytelling?

Also, comics have become a commodity for the screens with we comics. However, the revolution caused by technology does not stop there. It didn’t take list of estate agents email addresses long for companies to catch on to this territory and start exploiting the potential of new media and using it for branding . At that time, transmedia storytelling emerged on different platforms. A lot of attention: it is essential not to confuse this concept with adaptation, as it goes far beyond telling the same story on several different channels. How can you make a transmedia strategy in your company?

How can you make a transmedia strategy in your company?


Companies dedicated to entertainment use this dynamic very skillfully, but it is possible to use this technique to spread content from brands in BJ Leads any sector. Learn how below! Strategic presence in different channels The first step a business must take is to ensure that it is present on multiple channels. So, an extra is necessary: ​​the presence in different media must be strategic and designed for the needs of the buyer person . Is it time to relaunch the brand? Are we promoting a new product? Do we need to communicate the inauguration of a new headquarters?

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