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At the same time, you can use your thank you page to make sure people actually use the coupon. Simply place a link to your online planner on it, as in this example: Click here to register for the event. It only takes a minute Click here to register for the event. It only takes a minute 7. THANK YOU FOR making a purchase Even after a customer has finally made a purchase from you, you can still make your confirmation page work for you. Try one of the following tactics: 1) Upselling / cross-selling page. Sites of large retail chains usually offer customers on the order confirmation page to look for similar products. Smaller companies can also use upselling and cross-selling on thank you pages.

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Explain to users why they should also consider this product and how it relates to the product they just purchased. 2) Page with a discount. There’s no better way to turn a customer into an evangelist for your brand than by offering them a discount. Fun24 offers its customers a secret promo code for purchasing a discount card: Discount Page 3) Redirect. It’s possible Lebanon Phone Number that at this point in time, the best thing a client can do is continue to explore your site. In this case, you can simply redirect them back to the directory or category page: redirect See also: Why to prohibit the indexing of thank you pages in search engines Instead of a conclusion Your options are not limited to those listed above. It might make sense to combine landing pages with different types of thank you pages.

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Creating a thank you page from scratch or based on a template in the LPgenerator builder is as easy as a regular landing page. To do this, click on “Add a new page” in your personal account and select the appropriate page type: Post-click optimization methods Post-click optimization methods If you are a marketer, then the goal of your campaign is to get BJ Leads as many clicks from users as possible, but actions on your site. Or, in other words, optimize post-click user activity. The action can be anything – leave your contact details, sign up for a test drive of a car, watch a video, etc. In this article, we have collected 8 tactics for you, following which you can increase the number of actions from users after they go to your landing page . The content of the article 1. Set User Expectations.

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