Know the Types of Infographics That Can Be Used in Your Strategy

Now, if you are wondering “why nowadays everything revolves around Digital Marketing ?”, Well, we tell you that 70% of companies that use this strategy generate up to 4 times more visits to their website. And if your next question is “what role do infographics play in all this?” As you know (or should know), good content will make your potential customer have a crush on your brand and Google can connect them, how? positioning yourself on the first page of their results. I’ll bet you didn’t know that’s where 71.33% of searches stay, while sponsored links convert only 1.91%.

What are the types of infographics?

So if you want to use this resource in your strategy and get all the benefits it will bring you, don’t despair! In this article we will show you what types real estate email lists of infographics can help you achieve your goals. Join us! First of all, what is an infographic? Studies based on eye tracking indicate that users pay more attention to content with images than to content with only text. In addition, infographics are 3 times more shared on social networks than any other type of content, impressive, isn’t it? It is important that you know that: the human being retains, on average, 80% of what he sees, 20% of what he reads and 10% of what he hears; infographics can increase your site traffic by 12%.

First of all, what is an infographic?

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In the last 5 years, Google searches for infographics have increased 25 times. That being the case, it is easy to conclude that it is an essential part of BJ Leads any content strategy, both to attract and retain readers of your landing pages . Digital Marketing Guide Find out how to improve your strategy right now! [email protected] What are the types of infographics? Many designers and visual experts around the world spend much of their time developing efficient formulas to create this type of content.

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