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It was important for us to build links to key pages. And to pay attention to natural anchor text that flowed within the content. Rather than standing out as an obvious link. Results compared to objectives Leads Goa. More than double leads from 306 to 650 We exceeded this goal by increasing leads gained from 306 in 2020 to 840 in 2021, a 174% increase. This comes as a result of creating useful content, adding various contact forms on the page, as well as the exit intent form. Clicks Goal. More than double clicks from 17.5K to 40K We exceeded this goal by increasing clicks to 55.5K, 217% of the original number.

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This comes as a result of various Spain Phone Number List changes we made, such as creating highly relevant content that matches the user’s search intent, optimizing page titles and metas, and implementing FAQ schema. In 2020, the top page was the homepage, which gained 8,549 clicks between July-December. This year, the common assault guide was the top page, which gained 30,419 clicks between March-September 2021, meaning we have increased clicks to the top page by 255%. Technically optimize the site Although this is not as tangible as the other goals, the results can certainly be seen in the increase in click.

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Impressions and traffic Changes such as shortening and BJ Leads optimizing URLs, addressing redirects, and link building worked in harmony with content creation. Clearly demonstrate the customer journey In September 2020, we connected AFG’s site to What Converts, a lead tracking software. This creates a unique custom phone number for visitors on the site so that the software can record exactly what page resulted in a call. It also tracks general form fills from the site. As you can see in the image below, calls are the much-preferred contact method of AFG’s clients, taking up 1,025 of the 1,229 leads (83%) since we connected the site to the software.

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