Google Ads or Facebook Ads When Going Overseas

Advertising is an unavoidable topic of online marketing for any B2B enterprise. It has become a general consensus for everyone to spend money on the edge. However, for advertising, who should I vote for? Google ads, Facebook ads have become the most tangled problems for everyone! So today we will talk about how to choose B2B foreign trade companies.

First of all we have to get out of the misunderstanding: they are definitely not opposites! Which one to choose depends on the marketing purpose of the company, the product and the characteristics of the industry in which it is located.

Different Marketing Methods

We all know that Google ads place corresponding text ads based on the keywords searched by users (we will not discuss display ads here), while Facebook uses demographic data, interest data and behavioral data to place video/image ads to target customers. Google ads are where customers actively search for you, while FB ads are where you proactively  reach Cameroon Mobile Number List out to customers. This is the most essential difference between the two platforms. In other words. Google ads are more suitable for some relatively standardized. High-awareness products, and Facebook is more suitable for more novel products, consumers may be completely unaware of the existence of such things.

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Different purchase needs

In most cases. Google needs to be online and actively search. And the content of the search may be more serious. Facebook is mostly pushed to consumers. At this time, consumers may have demand for items themselves. But more In this case. It is attracted by advertisements and stimulates the desire to buy. Google advertising is that customers look for their needs. What they need to do is to meet the needs of consumers with products/prices/styles. In most cases, they will not impulse buy products that they do not need.

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