How To Access The Metaverse

With all this information, it is important to understand that there is not yet a single metaverse and that it will take a few years to see truly interconnect virtual worlds.

Today we can enjoy a collection of virtual worlds made up of separate games, programs and platforms that only have their access technologies in common. Therefore, there are different platforms that you can access in different ways.

It is not a single device or universal technology that allows you to access all the worlds that exist in the multiverse.

Differences between metaverse, omniverse and multiverse

In this new field there are similar concepts that can be confusing.

Keep in mind that, for one thing, in the metaverse everyone interacts in the same digital world where they can effortlessly switch activities. For example, a user can go from gaming to shopping, working, socializing, or dating without switching platforms. Each of these activities is connect to the same user identity.

On the other hand, a multiverse is a collection of virtual worlds, each independent of the others when it comes to digital identities, assets, and the laws that participants must follow. A person’s activity on social media will not impact their gaming avatar and vice versa, nor will it be affect by their Taiwan Mobile Number List personal purchases. We could say that today, in the era of Web 2.0, we are still in a multiverse, interacting with a variety of applications, websites and games, each of which implies a different set of rules about what you can say and what you can say. do.

Lastly, there is also the omniverse . The omniverse is the collection of all metaverses and multiverses. The sum of everything that can be achiev with digital identities and economies. Although a multiverse is a holder of metaverses, both frameworks still fall under the umbrella of the omniverse . However, it is unlikely that we will see this superstructure any time soon.

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Examples of Metaverses: Second Life

Second Life was the first case of virtual metaverse launch in 2003. In order to register on this platform and have your “second life” you simply had to create an avatar and you could access the virtual world of Second Life.

When you enter this world you enter as a resident and the possibilities in this virtual world were limitless; you could explore the virtual world, interact with other avatars (users), play with your friends, and even create digital products and services (digital clothing for avatars, digital music to later trade with them.

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