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The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis. And may not always reflect the views of Moz. Keyword clustering is the SEO tactic if you want to seamlessly optimize your. SEO content and streamline your workflow at the same time. The best part? Keyword clustering is fairly simple. And Google SERPs give you all the information you ne to make an inform decision on exactly how to do it. It’s a timely process, but trust me, it’s worthwhile. Done well, this tactic will pay dividends to your SEO and marketing strategy for years. So how do you do it and why is it important. Let’s find out.

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Benefits of keyword clustering Colombia Phone Number List Keyword clustering has as much commercial value as it does for SEO and marketing. Although its primary purpose is to assign keywords to content pieces and content types in a bid to secure organic ranks, what it also does is lay down the foundation for your marketing team’s efforts in the next six months (or more!). Through keyword clustering, a business can expect to: Write content that better serves the buyer through a deeper understanding of search/keyword intent through Google’s data. Create a content architecture or plan that fes into other marketing efforts through content repurposing. Done well, keyword clustering can support PR, PPC, social mia, newsletters, marketing automation, and more.

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Increase productivity within the business by aligning BJ Leads marketing teams. Expect SEO and writing teams to have a plan of action for over six months. Ruce the risk of cannibalization — since you’ve already mapp your keywords, there won’t be any duplicates, and you’ll know what to link where and by what anchor text. Create a clear plan of action for SEO content that provides long-term scalability, since you have keywords to target over time that can be scal indefinitely. Increase visibility in the SERPs through on-page optimizations. Increase chances of earning featur snippets by analyzing SERPs and finding what other articles rank.

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