Throughout The Process Of Theory U We Find Several Phases

The first phase is that of introspection, where we reflect and continue exploring without judging. In this first phase, it is important to keep an open mind, which allows you to suspend your beliefs and examine new attitudes and ideas from a new perspective.

Next, it is important that people are willing to learn about each other’s ideas. And, once all this is achiev, the final step is to have an open will and put aside all preconceived notions. This is achieved by combining the three elements of mind, heart and will to be able to act and explore new ideas without fear of failure.


Downloading Is The First Stage

It is where all people become aware of the knowledge and fears they have both professionally and personally. Therefore, before starting any project, it is important to establish some intellectual bases from which to build that project that we have in mind, where both our defects and virtues will have to be detect.  Once we know these defects, strengths and weaknesses, we have Poland Mobile Number List to see if all the facts that we are discovering contradict everything we believe. In other words, it is important to know beforehand the situation in which we find ourselves . It is at this point, when we begin to investigate the ecosystem of our project , looking for information, contrasting sources, developing conclusions and above all avoiding making interpretations.

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Empathizing Would Be The Third Step

where we try to understand and interpret the relationships, actions, uses, models and searches that the human being carries out in the ecosystem of the project .

In this phase, we will have a deeper understanding of what is happening , our role within the project and what we, individually and collectively, are call to do. Most of us don’t include ourselves in the equation when trying to solve a problem and treat the problem as something separate and distinct from ourselves. In doing so, we forget that we are an active part of the projects we are trying to change.

It is impossible to understand the system as a whole without considering our own relationships with it and asking ourselves what it is demanding of us.

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