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This is not a force of nature, or a scientific principle. It’s a decision Google is making to obscure local businesses’ home base. Where they work so hard to offer a customer experience they directly control. Why am I inviting Google to change this. Grant, the chief charm of local business listings is that they can be just what customers ne for very quick information. But the pandemic has made local business websites centers of help, commerce, and communication like never before, and these companies deserve a search engine that respects the investments they are making in shopping carts, booking systems.

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Live chat text and audio-visual mia, and Iceland Phone Number List other brand-controll assets. Google’s vision is to be, as Tidings founder David Mihm says, “the transaction layer of the Internet”, but I invite them not to support that goal by hiding the transactional capabilities offer by the small brands that make up Google’s index. It’s not right or fair to do so. Something Google can do to signal that they aren’t disrespecting single location businesses is to return websites links to all local packs whenever a business has upload a URL. This would show that Google understands that small business owners often feel.

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Powerless having a giant search engine BJ Leads own so much of the display of their information and reputation. Google can toss the ball back to Main Street so that more customers end up on a platform where the business controls the customer experience in their own, unique style. 2) Could Google align with straight talk, not scare tactics, for a healthier shar workspace? Graphic with the text ‘You’re invit to be a local business ally’. As recently demonstrat in a study by Sterling Sky, Google’s local product has become a dominant driver of local business leads. Short of going completely off the Google grid.

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