Find Out What a Pest Analysis is and the Benefits It Brings to Companies

On the other hand, consumers have access, more and more, to resources that they did not have before. We can cite as an example online downloads, e-learning, digital leisure, etc. With this, some services or products, if they do not alter their form of distribution, may become obsolete. Why is it important for companies? The PEST analysis, despite being a simple and easy to handle method, brings a clear vision of the characteristics of the environment. This is important at whatever stage the company is in. From the elaboration of the project to the structuring of a new business or to the strategic plan of any launch or change of direction that we can think of doing.

Why is it important for companies?

How to perform a PEST analysis? To perform a PEST analysis, first of all, you must clearly understand the factors, mentioned above. Once it is clear you free Thailand Mobile Number can follow the next steps to do it. 1. Collect the relevant variables The first step is to detect which are the variables that can influence the development of the business. Once you have identified the political-legal, economic, social and technological variables that influence the business and its consumers, collect them and create a list.

How to perform a PEST analysis?

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The Internet is a good source to understand the environment of the sector in which your business operates. For that, do not hesitate to dedicate a BJ Leads good time to discover them. 2. Identify opportunities Once you have compiled the factors that can influence your business, it is time to identify the opportunities that these variables can bring to the company. For example, if there is a favorable trade agreement to export to new markets, or even if there is a way to make the processes more efficient. 3. Identifying threats makes it possible to prevent future problems and minimize their negative effect before it’s too late.

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