What Are Argumentative Texts and What is Their Structure 4 Examples to Inspire You to Make Your Own

It is important to consider that, when choosing one of the ways to build the argumentative text, it is essential to follow it to the end. We go through the parts: Introduction, Structure or Development and Conclusion. How is the introduction of an argumentative text? Unlike the experience of the student, who will certainly read to the end, this is a crucial moment for the web content producer: since it is when the reader decides whether to continue reading the text or not. And without an introduction, at least attractive, the reader will not follow to the end. Some suggestions that we will give you can help you shape the beginning of the text in a more attractive way.

How is the introduction of an argumentative text?

All? Yes all. And which one is it? Be clear and objective! Giving clarity and objectivity to the text demonstrates knowledge, security and nurse email lists authority on the subject. So, at that early stage, it’s important to use powerful mentions or quotes, rhetorical questions, or facts and examples that reinforce what you want to talk about. In content marketing there are some specificities: telling stories and asking questions that the person would ask themselves are good ways to attract your reader from the beginning of your text. Now, next, we will introduce some introductory examples.

Introduction with Narration

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Introduction with Narration “Johana is 18 years old and wants to study journalism at the university. Today, her life in high school asks her for elections and BJ Leads she already knows: she will have to study at least eight hours every day to achieve her dream. Like Johana , there are millions of young people who spend most of their days on books studying. Could it be that the current teaching model is working well in the country?” This is an example of an argumentative text introduction that presents the story of a character to reinforce the writer’s opinion, in this case, about the traditional model of education.

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