What Are Distribution Channels and Why Are They Important in Marketing

Distribution channels are the resources through which the products move until they reach the final consumer. Editor Rock Content February 4, 19 | 5 min read distribution channels Every company that works in the line of business has an interactive system through which it delivers its products to the final consumer. These are the distribution channels and the manufacturer, the medium that distributes it and finally the consumer participate in this process. Let us begin! What are distribution channels?

How are distribution channels classified?

They are the means through which a manufacturing company chooses to deliver its products to the final consumer , trying to make it as profitable and Doctor email lists efficient as possible. Three important actors participate in a distribution channel : the producers; wholesalers; and lastly, the retailers. These participants can be warehouses, transport companies, businesses, among others. What is the importance of distribution channels? The importance of distribution channels lies mainly in the fact that through a third party it is possible for the product to reach a greater number of consumers.

From the producer to the industrial customer

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And therefore for its sales to grow. Producers generally do not have their own distribution network , which is why they work with a tertiary company that BJ Leads usually has extensive commercial contacts and has a greater geographical reach. In addition, they have warehouse services, safe means of transport and, in some way, they acquire the commitment that the product will finally reach its destination. Through distribution channels, a manufacturing company achieves important objectives: to place its merchandise in the right place, within reach of the consumer, in the shortest time possible.

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