What Are Keywords and What Are They for on the Internet


Talita Batista Mar 31, 19 | 23 min read keywords If you made it this far in this article, I’m sure you want to understand what those keywords are, right? When we begin to study what SEO ( search engine optimization ) is, one of the most talked about points is about keywords, their choice and the real importance of those terms that dictate optimizations. Without further ado, now you will learn – once and for all  what that means. Let’s go! What are keywords? The keywords (Keywords) are the main instrument of an investigation. They are the way in which a user writes their doubts in the search engines in order to obtain answers and solve their problems.

Why are keywords so important to your business?

As much as the term itself is self-explanatory, it costs nothing to explain in detail what they are and what they mean. In the end, that was the doubt that travel agency email list brought you here! Basically, keywords are the main search tools. Think that all searches originate from a word used to present this problem to the searcher.  If you’re a marketer , keywords are the terms we use to target when creating our pages, blog posts, and sites. That is, by defining a keyword for a certain page, you will be passing the message to Google, for example, that your content is about the subject of that specific term.

What are keywords?

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Why are keywords so important to your business? It is no coincidence that they are keywords. These are the ones that, when they fit perfectly, open the BJ Leads doors to your content to the world of the internet. The truth is that a company that wants to survive the digital transformation cannot stop looking at them in detail.  And that is exactly why keywords are tools that help (and a lot!) content marketing . When preparing your investment plan, one of the main objectives of your company is to increase leads , customers and, consequently, your sales.

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