Understand What Remarketing is and Its Importance for Conversions in Digital Marketing

What are the advantages of Remarketing? Remarketing has the objective of increasing conversions . It does so based on a simple idea: rarely do consumers make a purchase after their first search. According to Google Adwords data , only 3% of e-commerce visitors make an immediate conversion. This number can be even smaller when we talk about complex sales, such as those that require a request for a quote. And what is the role of Remarketing in all that? He allows your consumer to have a more intimate contact with the brand through personalized messages in their inbox.

How to make a Remarketing campaign?

Thus, the visitor remembers your offer, continues to consider the purchase and becomes more and more convinced that it is worth closing the deal. You Spain number phone can think of this strategy as a version of follow up applied to the world of digital marketing. Still can’t see the benefits of this strategy? How to make a Remarketing campaign? To put your Remarketing strategy into action, it is first necessary to create a plan, to facilitate the mapping of the leads that are at the different points of the purchase process: awareness, consideration, purchase or loyalty. For that, Remarketing uses the list system.

How to integrate Remarketing and Inbound Marketing?

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It is very similar to the segmentation of email marketing. Lists divide visitors to your site according to the type of action taken . Here are some BJ Leads examples of relevant lists you can create. Who bought more than $50 or $100 or $1000; Who signed up for your blog ; Who answered a survey; Who downloaded an ebook. Starting from that, you can create templates with the content of the emails for each of these groups. We also suggest using email marketing automation tools to help scale this process, in addition to centralizing the information obtained with this method.

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