Why Is The Digital Transformation Of Enterprises So Difficult

From the perspective of the process of digital transformation of enterprises, we roughly divide this process into three parts: the input link includes the enterprise’s preliminary IT consultation and procurement of software, hardware and services, which is the foundation and preparation for digital transformation . This part is the core and key of the digital transformation of the enterprise ; the output link includes Enterprises actually use the transformed and upgraded IT software systems in R&D and production, and promote and apply them in the upstream and downstream as well as in the partner ecosystem. This part is the output and result of the enterprise’s digital transformation, and is also important for the digital penetration of the entire industry. significance.

Buy Caskets For Pearls

In many IT service fields, the products provided by various companies have shown a high homogeneity trend. Under this circumstance, if enterprises want to find the most suitable development path for themselves in the process of digital transformation Algeria Mobile Number List they cannot ignore the value of consulting and training. The role of customized consulting is tantamount to “returning pearls” in IT investment, which is also an important reason why many enterprises believe that the effect of digital transformation has not met expectations after making high-cost technology investment.

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Worship The New And Step On The Old

At present the global IT industry is in a period of rapid iteration and continuous upgrading. The business opportunities brought by the new Internet economy and the increase in IT supply brought about by the development of information technology jointly drive the rapid transformation of the digital industry of enterprises. On the one hand, it provides more solutions and room for improvement for enterprises to solve their information technology problems, on the other hand, it also makes enterprises feel by digitalization. The vigorous publicity of Party B’s manufacturers and the leading promotion of leading companies in the industry make it more likely for companies to purchase emerging digital tools and disdain some relatively traditional and basic enterprise software. ERP and other basic information software have been widely recognized in China around 1998 and have continued to develop so far.

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