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Confirm their action. Strengthening the brand. Your branding should be consistent across every customer touchpoint, including thank you pages. Thank you pages can be used as brand reinforcement to show your professionalism. . Strong call to action (call-to-action). It turns out that people really like being told what to do. Write down what you want them to do next. For example, Etcetera’s Kelley Garrett invites followers to “Join the Facebook Group”. Social proof provokes a herd effect (bandwagon effect), that is, following what others are doing.

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Sharing in social networks. A thank you page can encourage leads to share information about you on social media. Make it easy for them by adding social media icons. Also Read: Thank You Page: 5 Tricks to Increase Conversions Thank you page options There Kuwait Phone Number are many ways to turn your thank you pages into the hardworking bees of your sales and marketing funnels. The examples below will help you put the ideas into practice: (The following thank you page variations are order by action and option!) 1. THANK YOU FOR…downloading the lead magnet A visitor who download a lead magnet from one of your squeeze pages is well advanced in your marketing funnel.

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He is interest in your site’s content, but may not be 100% interest in your company yet. The thank you page should pull people deeper into your sales funnel. At the same time, do not rush to close the sale right here and now. It will be better if you move them to an intermediate stage where they spend time reviewing your brand. If you want the user to get to BJ Leads know you better, then instead of one call to action, place links to several useful resources. Depending on your subject, you may have a free course, a blog, a more detailed information resource, or even a free telephone consultation. Suggest a “next step” with a simple “You might also like message. THANKS FORlead magnet downloads You can encourage readers to download something useful on the thank you page and even offer additional resources to get people to other pages on your site.

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