Essential Tips to Generate Results and Convert More With Facebook Ads

If you have never created campaigns on this network, or had lower than expected results in previous investments, it may be because you did not pay attention to any of the following points. See 4 simple ways to optimize your campaigns and get better ROI and ROAS on each ad. 1. Install Facebook Pixel Facebook Pixel is a code that the social network offers to help track how many people made a purchase (or other type of conversion) after seeing or clicking on your ads.

4 valuable tips to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns

Simply place the code on the purchase confirmation or thank you page. In addition, with Pixel installed you receive a series of reports that broaden the get a Dubai phone number understanding of your audience and allow you to create better campaigns. Then don’t stop installing it. 2. Keep an eye on the potential range meter A very interesting resource of Facebook Ads is the measure of the potential reach of the ads.

Keep an eye on the potential range meter

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But how does it work? It also shows whether the campaign is too generic or too specific, two extremes that could hurt results. The advice could not be BJ Leads more basic: Keep an eye on this meter. If you do this, you’re not going to run the risk of having ads that don’t convert because of a basic setup error. Facebook Ads became Google Adwords’ main competition for sponsored links. One of the main formats is remarketing, a way to recapture the attention of someone who was in contact with the company, but lost interest at some point before the purchase. Do you want to learn how to do remarketing on Facebook Ads ?

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