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Anticipate these moments by implementing elementary mechanisms on the site or in the application. Let’s say don’t let people submit a form if they haven’t filled out all the fields. Or ask them for confirmation of important actions. 3. Do not neglect standards and trends Many designers like to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to a new project. And while this approach can result in something unique and memorable, if you overdo it with innovation, it will only confuse users. Try not to ignore established design standards and trends .

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Thanks to this, people will be able to interact with your site on a subconscious level, without much straining. 4. Maintain mobile friendliness Analyze button spacing, font sizes, and any other navigational or structural elements that might not work well in a Namibia Phone Number responsive design . Also take a close look at how your site looks on PCs, tablets, and various smartphones. Read also: 6 frameworks for a landing page that is effective in terms of UX Frontend Design Tips 1. Consider a “fold line” The most important content on your landing page should be placed above the fold line so that visitors don’t have to scroll to find that information.

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Use negative space to highlight When you have a ton of information to share with users, don’t try to fit most of it on one screen. It will be much easier for visitors to work with a simple site, so leave plenty of negative space around your content. 3. Use color to spur action Certain colors can nudge people into specific actions (clicking a button, moving to the BJ Leads next page of a form) even when they don’t realize it, and you should use that when designing. Use color to spur action 4. Avoid formulaic stock images Trivial stock images can make your design look cheap and cheap to people. The images on your site need to resonate. With your audience, and to get those images, you can run a user-generated content campaign, for example. 10 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment Abandoned shopping carts are something every online store owner is familiar with.

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